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The II International Compostela Prize for Picture Books is
open to all publications included in the picture book category:
a book in which the story is told through illustrations and
images, with both complementing each other.
2. The books may be presented in any of the official languages
in the Iberian peninsula, and must be original and unpublished.
Adaptations of originals or books that have already been
sntions in other contests w
3. One or more persons, authors of the text and illustrations
of any nationality may take part. Employees of Kalandraka are
excluded from participating.
4. The projects may be presented in any size, technique and
format, but may not contain any more than 40 inner pages
(excluding covers and endpapers).
5. Authors competing for the prize must present:
• Five copies of the text.
• Three original illustrations and five colour photocopies of
• A layout of the whole project. The project must be presented
in printed format and include: the text, the three original
illustrations and sketches of the remaining illustrations.
6. The names of the authors must not be included anywhere
in the book, instead using a motto or pseudonym. The personal
details of the participants will be delivered in a sealed envelope,
with the title of the project and the motto or pseudonym
written on the outside of the envelope, and inside, their full
name or names, telephone numbers, postal and e-mail
addresses. The envelope must also include a photocopy of
their ID card or passport, and a brief biographical outline.
7. The projects must be sent or delivered to the General Registry
of the Town Council of Santiago de Compostela (e/ Presidente
Salvador Allende n°. 4, 15705, Santiago de Compostela. A
Coruna. Spain), indicating on the envelope "II Premio
Internacional Compostela de Álbum Ilustrado". The name(s)
of the author(s) must not appear on parcels delivered by
courier agencies.
8. The period for presenting the books begins with the
publication of these rules and will end on 28th February 2009.
Envelopes may not be postmarked with any date later than
the deadline. The decision of the jury will be published on
2nd April 2009, coinciding with International Children's Book
Day, during the IX Reading Promotion Campaign, organized
by the City Council of Santia.
prestige in the field of children's literature and illustration. A
person appointed by the organisers will act as the secretary.
The prize may be declared void, and no appeal may be issued
against the decision of the jury under any circumstances.
10. A single prize shall be awarded of 12,000 €as an advance
on the author's rights. This prize shall be subject to a deduction
corresponding to Personal Income Tax of 15%, as stipulated
in Article 101.3 of Law 3 5/2006 of 28th November on Personal
Income Tax Deductions, or 24% in the case of non-residents. The
the final work ready for publication. The
Peninsula (Galician, Catalan, Basque, Spanish and Portuguese)
by Kalandraka in December 2009, and will sign the respective
publication contracts for this purpose. The publishers will also
have the first option to publish any books that receive a special
mention from the jury. This right will be valid for a period of
one year, after which time the author(s) will have their works
at their free disposal.
11. The author(s) undertake to deliver the completed book
before 1st September 2009. The illustrator undertakes to
complete the remaining illustrations using the same technique
and with the same quality as those presented to the contest.
12. Originals not chosen for publication will be returned to
the author(s) who ask for them once the jury has announced
its decision. The originals will be returned to the address
written inside the envelope. Any ori{ ' ' ' ' ' ''''
one month of the jury's decision will be destroyed.
13. In the event of any questions arising regarding matters not
specified in these rules, the jury will pronounce a decision, or
failing this, the organisers of the contest. Participation in this
competition implies the knowledge and full acceptance of
these rules.
Organisers: City Council of Santiago de Compostela - Education Department and Kalandraka Editora
Concellaría de Educación
Ayuntamiento de Santiago de Compostela
Departamenlo de Educación
Praza do Obradoiro n°l
A Coruna - España
Tino: +34 981 554 400
Fax:+34 981 571 511
R/Italia 37-oficina 10
36162 Pontevedra - España
Tfno: +34 986 86 02 76
Fax: +34 986 10 02 80

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