The Teatrio Cultural Association was established in March 1988 with the 1st edition of the Biennial Exhibition of the Illustrated Book for Children. Over 150 drawings were presented by thirteen of the most important European illustrators. The success of the show confirms the increasing interest in the art of illustration and stimulates the Association to continue their aim to increase awareness of the value and importance of illustration in Italy.Teatrio promotes exhibitions, competitions, illustration courses and seminars and in this way grants the numerous request made by famous and young illustrators.Since its beginning, Teatrio has held nine Biennials Exhibition of the Illustrated Book (the last one is about the best female illustrators) and has consistently increased the number of exhibitions of Italian illustrators in major capitals of Europe, with the support of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the cities hosting the shows.
In 1992 the International School for Illustrators was established in Venice and it immediately became a meeting point of national and international teachers and artists. Through this school, young illustrators finally have the opportunity to learn and understand the art of creating illustration for fairytales for children, and the opportunity to understand the graphic and design techniques, from the cover to the set-up of a book.

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